I’m often asked if we at Tellenger “do social media.” My short answer is “Yes.” People generally want to know if we do both social media campaign planning and execution (yes), and at what rate (approximately $130/hr, depending on the complexity of the project).

But I normally probe a bit more about what people want to achieve, because social media is more than just having a Twitter account or a Facebook page. In response, I’ve heard:

  • More sales. (Actual conversions from campaigns)
  • More traffic. (Higher numbers in general)
  • More brand awareness. (Greater presence in existing social networks)
  • Wins over the competition. (More sales and social media followers alike)
  • More customer feedback. (The right vehicles to encourage audience interaction)

Each client’s social media strategy is different, and each of these questions carries with it important elements that not EVERY client would need. For example, our social media strategy at Tellenger is participatory — we individually have been building our social media profiles for years, but only recently started a company blog collectively. By contrast, we’re working with someone who is preparing to launch a product, and driving sales is The Sole Purpose for his exploring social media in the first place, so careful planning, detailed execution, and daily analysis are absolutes.

Social media campaigns can be tremendously successful when done in consult with existing marketing and messaging, in consideration of the great, back-end capabilities that can be integrated, and with proper measurement that allows for instant evolution (i.e. Do more of what’s working; immediately stop doing what isn’t). Most people can’t afford to lose money right now, and the instant feedback that social media monitoring provides allows for business owners to see the performance metrics that are essential to their making informed, immediate decisions.

Of course, asking the right questions early to discover “what do you want to achieve with social media?” is Step One.