is Tellenger’s new website for our kid-focused mobile apps. The site launched this week to serve as a platform to which we drive visitors for our marketing efforts. Rather than marketing the mobiles apps under the Tellenger brand, we wanted a new brand dedicated exclusively to the development of educational mobile apps for children. Seeing how much my 3-year-old son loves playing with the iPhone and iPad led us to create games that are both fun and developmentally-appropriate (kids may as well learn something when playing computer games).

Right now we have one game, Circus Fun, available on both the iPhone and iPad platforms (two different versions – not just the smaller iPhone version sitting on the larger viewing screen of the iPad). We have many more games in the works. It’s very rewarding to create games that help kids to learn.

We’re starting to do increasing more with mobile technology, so stay tuned for new developments beyond kids games and Apple devices.