Lately, we’ve been asking ourselves what can we do to help budget conscious firms rise to new levels. (What can we say? We love helping new businesses to take-off and established businesses to expand.)

The answer is to give them high-end, feature rich, and easy-to-update websites at a low-cost. These websites take the form of bundled packages that take the pressure off small business owners – they sign up to have a digital partner in us, and we help them get up and running with a more sophisticated website to suit their needs.

What makes our pre-packaged websites for new and growing businesses unique is that the same people who are building sophisticated technology for Federal agencies and successful businesses will be applying their expertise to small businesses. Even with a modest budget, small business owners can now benefit from the positive transformative effects smart websites can have on their bottom lines.

Plus, we benefit by continually innovating ways to work more efficiently and to deliver greater value at a given cost. We can then carry this knowledge back to our government and large enterprise clients, giving them leading edge work more effectively than our competitors. And the best part…we do it all without outsourcing outside the U.S. We keep the jobs here.

I’m really excited about this new offering. I got my start in business doing grunt work for start-ups …writing business plans, creating revenue models, researching target audiences, customizing technology, etc. Once you get the bug, it’s hard to get rid of it. Our services for new and growing businesses keeps us agile for our big clients while keeping us in touch with our roots—the small businesses that are the cornerstone and driver of our economy.