Dave and I headed to the GrowSmartBiz conference downtown yesterday and joined about 500 other people interested in technology and business. It was a great morning thanks to dynamic folks like “The Long Tail” author Chris Anderson, Sen. Mark Warner, and Ogilvy Worldwide’s Rohit Bhargava, author of “Personality Not Included.” The afternoon was populated with great speakers, as well, including an engaging session with London Ink’s CEO Bob London and SmallBizTechology.com editor Ramon Ray, among others.

Steve Fisher of AppSolve charged the room in the afternoon with some some hilarious, unfortunate, and expensive examples of how to (and not to) present yourself on business cards before the day closed with Women Grow Business’ Jill Foster moderating a panel on social media.

Overall, we took several pages of notes and had conversations with tons of bright, driven people who all came together to learn about how they can grow — and help the larger DC market (and beyond) continue its upward swinging economic course.  The event was valuable both in terms of new learning and discussing real opportunities with other business owners about how we can help them grow.