When Dave created the new Digital Strategies division and asked me to lead it, I jumped at the chance for a couple main reasons: primarily, I love meeting with new people and talking about the web. It holds endless possibilities, and we help people capitalize on those possibilities. Secondarily, Dave had established Tellenger as a firm that truly builds long-term relationships with clients. It’s a model I find unique in a landscape of web shops that promote their particular preferences or technology solutions (which may not be what a client actually NEEDS).

To that end, we’ve got six core values that we infuse into our client relationships and business processes.

  1. Exacting Technology – We’re a technology-agnostic firm, which means we’ll recommend and implement or integrate solutions specific to a client’s particular needs (rather than our personal language or platform preferences).
  2. No-Bull Estimates – Our cost estimates are organized by individual line items – sort of like a menu of solutions catered to individuals’ unique needs.
  3. Purpose-Driven Deliverables – We only spend clients’ time on deliverables that inform, demonstrate, and/or provide actionable direction. (If they don’t truly demand attention, why bother?)
  4. Open Collaboration – We use Basecamp to collaborate on everything from timelines to documents and centrally store assets like logos, images or files.
  5. User-Based Design – We substantiate our beautiful, accessible designs with user-experience research that considers industry Best Practices.
  6. Analysis & Evolution – We analyze results against identified benchmarks and recommend adjustments for improvement. (Really, being attentive and proactive allows us to innovate.)

I’m so proud to be helping clients capitalize in the digital space while also being a part of Tellenger’s own dynamic growth.