bootstrapmdAt last week’s Bootstrap Maryland event in DC, I had the great opportunity to meet lots of new entrepreneurs who might be building the “next big thing.”

The event brought together a panel of entrepreneurs and the people who support them, including: Paul Singh of Philtro (which was acquired last week after launching in January), Jay Virdy of Summize, John Burke of VC firm True Ventures, and Steve Kaplan of Pillsbury Law.

Having Paul and Jay’s lessons learned about starting companies, John’s definitions of how to grab the attention of VCs, and Steve’s legal advice seemed to be exactly what the audience was hungry for. They were actively engaged, asking the panelists “How did you…” and “What would you recommend for…” questions all along the way in what amounted to an interactive presentation, for the most part.

From my perspective, there was a refreshing, jovial spirit that seemed to be prevalent in the atmosphere of the event. Here’s to continued optimism in the DC start-up market and beyond!