We’re headquartered just outside Washington, DC, and like many companies in the Nation’s Capital region and beyond, we’re happy to be doing business with the government. It’s pretty rewarding to know that our brains have helped to conceive, plan, build, and integrate web processes and technologies that ensure soldiers are paid on time, organizations are tracking cases more efficiently, and — with our ongoing Consumer Product Safety Commission efforts — individuals’ lives are being saved.

When we decided in August to unveil a new division of Tellenger to handle incoming requests from the private sector, we were concerned that balancing commercial and government prospects could be exceedingly challenging. (For example, we feared our experiences with enterprise-level systems like SharePoint may intimidate someone looking to launch a website, build a product, or implement an off-the-shelf content management system).

But what we’ve found over the past few months is that decision-makers from small business owners to not-for-profits to $100+ million firms are reassured by our stability. Our contracts continue to renew and multiply, and that’s comforting to those wanting a long-term technology partner who is thriving in today’s economy.

The government folks also are reassured because we’re growing, diversifying, and innovating with what’s cutting edge in the digital marketplace. They want to work with efficient, dependable companies — growth in a recession certainly is one way we’ve demonstrated that successfully.

Sure, we’re consistently tinkering with the messaging on our website and in our marketing collateral to ensure Tellenger brand integrity and a commitment to our two unique audience sectors, yet so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

For all those government contractors or private companies looking to take the leap into the OTHER sector, we say go for it. But, if you’re in the web consulting business, then expect stiff competition from us!