Software Architect

Tellenger, Inc. seeks a talented Software Architect (who also enjoys writing code) to play a pivotal role in our company that develops custom software both for the Federal government and companies launching new software products into the commercial sector.

Be a Software Architect and more…

  • Be a player in the building of a company
  • Make a contribution beyond your work on client projects

Company Background:
Tellenger, Inc. is a CMMI Level 3 software consulting firm that designs and develops custom web-based software. We do everything from complex, enterprise-level builds to mobile technology. Our strength is connecting an organization’s business objectives with the right technology solution doing both the strategy and development. Founded in July 2007, we have multiple long-term government contracts as well as many private sector clients making for interesting and diverse work. An outcome of the quality of our work has resulted in strong revenue growth every year since we started.

About The Position:
You will serve as a systems/software architect and software developer creating new software applications, and/or enhancing existing software applications. Your duties will range from strategizing solutions to writing code and you’ll advise on all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.

Your required skills include both Microsoft and OpenSource technologies with experience developing in these environments.

1. Experience coding for large enterprise projects
2. Able to work onsite at our office in Rockville, MD
3. U.S. citizen, Green Card, or EAD (sorry, not offshore or H1B)
4. Loves technology, and coding

Position Description:
Day-to-Day Responsibilites:

1. Code systems/applications in either .NET and PHP (in a Drupal environment) that address workflow, information processing, and performance dashboards.
2. Provide technological expertise, consulting, and guidance to Tellenger staff and clients
3. With a positive, “can do” attitude, be able to find solutions to technology problems and step into any role to complete a task (in collaboration with the COO and CEO).
4. Assist in finding, identifying, and recruiting a quality technical staff
5. Engineer performance and scale in our current architecture along with revisiting decisions that have been made to judge immediate course correction
6. Write code, configure systems and monitor our overall architecture to learn where we can optimize it
7. Develop and maintain standards and tools that help support all elements of the system architecture

Ancillary Responsibilites:
In addition to building software that improves an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency you will play a role in shaping Tellenger’s future:

1. Brainstorm ways of improving client services/products
2. Innovate better ways of doing business
3. Participate in business strategy sessions

What We Offer:

  • Competitive pay commensurate with your education, skills, and experience.
  • Health and dental insurance, 15 days paid time off, 10 paid Federal holidays, and bonuses for exceptional work
  • A great work environment

Please email with your resume, and please include your phone number.

Thank You!

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