Chief Technology Officer

Tellenger, Inc. seeks a talented Java developer to develop applications that help wounded veterans.

Company Background:
Tellenger, Inc. is a CMMI Level 3 software design and IT strategy firm that specializes in developing complex, custom software to help Government agencies achieve their objectives. We are seeking a technical expert to serve as a key executive working to grow the company. Tellenger is investing in a growth strategy to take the firm to the next level. We need someone with the strategic, technical, writing, and communication skills who is willing to participate with the rest of us in sometimes doing the grunt work requisite with growth.

We seek a seasoned professional with the skills to make things happen.

About the Position:
This full-time Technical Chief should have a career that demonstrates the ability to make technology decisions based on the business objectives of the client. On any given day, you will have the role of solution architect, developer, proposal writer, sales person, or recruiter.

You should have experience with many technologies but a depth of understanding to identify the potential AND limitations of various tools in today’s software development landscape.

We want someone who is interested in helping to grow a successful firm and comfortable wearing many hats.

–Experience architecting software solutions
–Possess good judgment, people skills, and business acumen
–Experience hiring developers and other technical staff
–Strong writing skills and ability to lead proposal efforts
–Comfortable creating the Technical Solution for a proposal based on reviewing an RFP
–Expertise accurately scoping out the level of effort (hours required) to complete technology projects
–Experience leading client meetings (needs to be able to gain the trust and confidence of the client)
–Still enjoys writing code
–Able to lead and direct developer teams
–Able to lead initiatives
–Able to wear many hats as an integral person helping to grow the company
–Must have worked on multiple government and/or large enterprise projects
–Exceptional coding and database skills (initially you’ll be building complete systems from scratch)
–Able to take control over a project’s success and able to lead developers to successful outcomes
–Able to obtain a security clearance
–Able to work full-time in Rockville, MD

This person must:
* Welcome new challenges you’ve never before encountered and apply your past experiences to figure out a solution
* Be able to lead teams regardless of the tech stack (e.g., .NET, PHP, Java, Web, Mobile)
* Be able to demonstrate a technology specialization
* Be versed and/or knowledgeable in an array of technologies
* Be willing to authoritatively research and recommend the right technology to meet clients’ unique business needs
* Be comfortable working independently while adhering to the project scope
* Have experience with full SDLC government projects
* Be a U.S. citizen (essential)
* Have passion for identifying ways that technology can solve problems for clients
* Want to work (and help to build) a development team of individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional work for diverse clients

On a typical day, this CTO must be able to:
* Listen to client challenges and know which technologies could resolve those challenges (without being locked into any personal technology preferences)
* Conduct research and substantiate recommendations with business-goal-oriented reasoning
* In consult with engagement managers and team members, generate estimates for delivering proposed technical solutions
* Communicate — both in writing and verbally — recommendations to team members and clients alike in a succinct, actionable way
* Identify new areas of opportunity for Tellenger and its clients to explore technologically to address business challenges and facilitate growth

Commensurate with experience

Great work environment, full health insurance, 15 days PTO, Federal holidays, bonuses for exceptional work, opportunities for advancement

Start Date:

Email us your (1) Brief Cover Letter addressing your credentials and (2) Resume

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