The New Year is off to an amazing start. In the first week of 2010 alone we kicked-off an exciting new government software application project, signed a contract to do web development for a large non-profit, and finalized a contract to evaluate how a satellite company can leverage social media to improve sales and marketing. On top of that a talented new Executive Tech Lead started with us and we were handed a $250,000 contract based on strong work we did for the same client in the past. I wish every week was like this!

And we’re coming off a strong 2009! This past year we doubled our revenue yet again and we doubled our full-time employees. The year was important for Tellenger because we reached a number of important business milestones which seem to have opened the flood gates for growth. The combination of crossing the two years in business mark in July, deepening the complexity of our projects, and increasing the number and kinds of projects we’ve completed successfully has resonated with prospects. I remember the struggles of trying to sell services when I was the only person in the company. Although sales to new prospects are always hard-won, they are a bit easier now with our record of performance.

I’m pleased to report the outlook for 2010 is even better than 2009. We have a remarkable team of highly talented people for project management, strategy, creative design, and technology execution. They’re the lifeblood of Tellenger and make projects a success by innovating unique solutions to client problems and challenges. This has led to the fact that based on bookings alone, we’ll more than double revenue for the third consecutive year. I’m honored and humbled to work with so many intelligent individuals who take pride in their work. They are the reason for Tellenger’s achievements.